Jo Hanlon with business clients
Jo Hanlon

One of my passions is helping people who truly care about themselves, their team and their business using a blend of head (experience, facts and knowledge), heart (care, empathy and understanding) and intuition (gut instinct) and who are committed to taking useful and targetted actions.

When I have the opportunity to help others achieve their potential as individuals, in teams or a business, I hit my stride and add true measurable value.

Having multiple roles in a variety of workplaces and buisnesses both as an employee and in my ow buisness for the last 12 plus years, has allowed me to work with my clients using coaching, consulting, mentoring and business advisory that is customised and right sized to meet their individual needs.

I've helped improve staff and team performance and boosted productivity. Helped open communication channels and cultivate positive and values based workplace cultures during times of growth and transition, creating lasting change. I also work with my clients to develop their self awareness, EQ and soft skills, manage their risks and, help them sleep better at night.

Working with me you can rely on; wisdom, straight talking, deep listening, understanding rather than judgment; sound guidance and advice, a pragmatic approach and plenty of ideas; all delivered with heartfelt compassion balanced with with accountability. I also believe that having a bit of fun along the way is a key ingredient to keeping things in perspective.

Sso if I sound like a good fit to work with You, Your team and Your Business, let's have a conversation, I'd love to hear from you. My mobile is : 0403 497 120.

There's a collection of testimonials and case studies on my site, plus a fuller picture of my work history and credentials on Linkedin as they're too long to put down here. Plus, it means I only have to keep one profile up to date: working smarter, not harder ....


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I first reached out to Jo some years ago for help with managing HR compliance and performance issues within my team that were resolved with a minimum of fuss when I followed her pragmatic and "on-point" professional guidance. Her calm expertise allowed me to focus back on growing my business instead of stressing out! What has developed since then is a rich and rewarding mixture of both a great per...

My Values

Life is a Journey not a destination: love learning always, make wise choices

Be Authentic: transparent, honest and have integrity

Practice Compassion and care: have an open heart and open mind, use understanding without judgement

Believe in Abundance: there is enough for us all to thrive in life in our own ways

Have fun: life is too short to be serious all the time.