Business Improvement Case Studies

I know how important it is that you get people to work with you who know their stuff and have relevant experience. That's why I've summarised a few case studies plus provided some testimonials from others I've worked with so you can hear directly from them what they think of me. There's more on my Linkedin page, but this should give you a flavour of some of the work that I do, and that I love to do...

new alst
Rekindling a passion for business & connecting to a refreshed purpose

49 year old Partner in a Sydney based professional services firm, was at a low ebb in his life with a number of personal challenges topped off by a loss of passion for his business, plus the financial loss of a number of high value clients who went with a departing Manager to another firm. He was looking for someone he could trust not to judge him, but to truly listen to his thoughts, feelings, concerns, challenges and allow him the time and space to explore and find the answers to some of the key questions in his life.

We engaged in a series of coaching sessions over 3 months including delving into the Simon Sinek “Find Your Why” process with the goal being to clarify his purpose and rekindle his passion for life and his business. Fast forward a few weeks after a number of discussions; his passion was well and truly re-ignited and he was actively underway tweaking the focus and messages to align with the renewed vision and purpose he had for his business. Fast forward a couple of years; life is definitely well on track and his clients are being treated to a new level of care, attention and expertise which is resulting in his business booming.


I had the opportunity to work with Jo and Mind Your P's for several years as we were rebuilding our management structure and culture. Jo brought a wonderful energy to our business and has a wealth of strategies in bringing management ownership and more importantly empowerment to our staff. Through Jo's help we were able to bring about great change and improvements. Personally the support Jo provid...

Case Study
A change for good - personal succession plan and organisational growth

Residential Facility for people with Disabilities (for profit family business/>50 staff/5 sites). I was brought in initially to assist with performance management challenges of team members, and to provide support for the new HR Manager.

Based on what I uncovered, I rapidly initiated and implemented a succession plan for the founder/owner, resulting in the appointment of a GM within 18 months, allowing the founder to move offsite, and into an arms length Director role after 18 years of working 24 x 7. This has provided her with the ability to focus on her health, her other passions and a new home, whilst allowing the organisation to grow further to the next level due to having access to the GM's additional skills and competencies.

I have ongoing engagement with the organisation providing mentoring to the GM and key management staff, whilst also supporting the Director in an advisory role.

The business has rapidly expanded to provide extra Respite Care & Day Programmes, with further expansion planned to meet the continuing need for more services for additional NDIS participants.


Our team conducted a DISC debrief workshop with Jo last Thursday. She was outstanding in her knowledge and delivery of the session - she left everybody feeling known, nurtured and delighted. We are all still talking about it a week later as it was so impactful for each of us and for our future as a team. As a manager I have found new pathways to deal with our staff but just as important, each team...

Case Study - Wholesale importer
Embedded compliance, plus articulated and improved company culture and values

Wholesale Importer in Kitchenware Industry (family business/35 - 90+ staff): 3.5 year contract, 2 days a week.

I was brought in initially to implement the setting up of the HR function. I worked with the MD to develop the organisational structure and strategy, and employ, form and mentor a new Senior Leadership Team (Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing, Finance and IT).

We workshopped and brought to life the company culture and values with the involvement of and adoption by the whole company which provided a behavioural framework that guided everything relating to our people; from recruitment through management and exiting plus, included an increased focus on the quality of the customer experience. I employed and mentored a new HR Manager then exited the business which was then a much bigger and healthier organisation.

Outcomes: significantly accelerated growth in staff numbers from 35 – 100, the business attained > 40% revenue growth in 3 years and was then subsequently purchased by the overseas principal supplier, based on the successes achieved in the follwing 2 years.


Jo has proven herself an excellent and holistic advisor in aiding my personal leadership development as a corporate executive and supporting me as a sounding board in leading my own business. Jo understands the complexity of people and relationships, and exercises this with discretion and compassion, delivered with neither fear nor favour. Due to her wide experience, Jo can be relied upon to conne...


Current and past client businesses range from individuals or, 6 – 250 staff with between
$1M - $100M turnover and are from Industries that include: