Your Company Vision statement: Why have one?

March 20, 2023

Have you noticed how good Not For Profits often are at defining a Vision statement that their stakeholders can engage with?

Why is that do you think?

It's usually because NFP orgn's are formed in the first place to benefit their audience; not just themselves, the management team.

A great example here is the Alzheimers Association's Vision statement ; A world without Alzheimer's and all other dementia®.

Many public or privately owned companies appear to be all about themselves with Vision statements like: "To increase shareholder value" - still a common corporate vision statement, or "Become the leading business in our Industry!"

When a Vision statement describes what outcome the (your) target audience is going to get or feel, you're likely to find others want to work for, buy from or partner with you, as they are more likely to get you have a focus on others first.

As the benefits cascade down, you will certainly benefit which is absolutely fine, but by putting others first, you will be coming from a difference angle.

Try creating a Vision Statement that starts with the words: (We're in business: ) To create a world / environment / space. where.......

When you hit on the right statement, what might that look and feel like?

Might it be more inspiring both internally to you and your team, as well as externally to your target audience, than just aiming to be the biggest or the best? It does have to come from an authentic place mind you.

Go on give it a try.....

What good or bad examples of Vision statements do you have to share?

Reach out if you need a hand or a sounding board.