Working from home - One size does not fit all

July 27, 2020

As the novelty of working remotely wears off and the reality of working from home really kicks in for everyone affected, how are you going in keeping your teams connected to keep everyone equally engaged and producing your need for results?

You will have discovered even more clearly than ever that one size does not fit all when it comes to communicating with your team members, whilst also battling with your own preferred style of working and staying motivated.

  • Some of you will be will be thriving in your own little bubble, working steadily and appreciating the space you have to achieve results in a largely un-interrupted way, know where to go for information and will often resent the requirements to organise or attend what you feel are seemingly endless and un-necessary calls, online meetings and catch ups - that may be needed to meet everyone else's needs.
  • Others of you will be struggling within the confines of your four walls working on your own and have a need to be constantly connected to others in your team via Slack, MS Teams, ZOOM and other IM tools. The need to check in, keep up to date and collaborate will be the only way you can effectively and happily get things done.
  • Still others will be spending a lot of time wondering how their work mates, friends, families and clients are, will have scheduled regular check-ins and updates to make sure they are all coping, are getting all the support they need to get things done and stay safe. These folks need to make sure they are not getting overloaded themselves as they try to keep everyone else happy and on track.
  • Others again will be focused, powering through their work and achieving their to do’s at a blistering pace especially are there are few others around to slow them down, appreciating that they can control when and how they need to reach out to others for input. They will have clear agenda’s, not waste time on niceties in calls or meetings and just want to be able to get things done and ticked off their lists.

Which one is true for you, and which working style sound like your different team members? Are these causing you headaches or are you simply doing what works for you??

The reality is that each of us will have different needs for staying connected or communicating in this current “normal”, so be aware that now more than ever, no matter what your own preferred style is, if you are the leader of your team, the whole team will benefit if you agree on using an approach that is tailored to each person that enables them to get their own needs met so all can produce their best work.

I have access to a couple of excellent, cost effective and easy to understand tools I have used for years that help increase your awareness of your own and your different team members styles, that can be used to design tailored support for each person. Reach out if you want to know more.

Jo Hanlon, Mb: 0403 497 120.


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