What, MORE Change, again?

July 24, 2020

This morning I switched on my PC and was hit with yet another slew of short and long articles about what I should be doing in 2020 to make my life better, more successful, brighter, happier and so on, and then, what legislative changes are coming for Australian Employers that will mean more time and resources will need to be used to produce more detailed analysis, reporting, justification and information for staff about what their annualised salary covers........ phew. On behalf of myself and everyone else in the world, I suddenly felt simply exhausted!!

What was happening I reflected and what I came up with was, that I was feeling Change Fatigue. For someone who has lived in multiple countries, 45 houses by the age of 45, been to 9 schools, integrated into multiple communities time and again, changed careers and job roles frequently up to and including this day and actively seek variety in just about every area of my life on an ongoing basis, this was a shock. Here I was feeling knackered just thinking about it and it's only January 13th 2020. This is new territory. What could I do?

Fortunately I am able to manage my own (as well as coach others on managing their) Mindset pretty well, so I set about using a variety of mindset management tools along with knowing what works for me to find my peace of mind again, which included a mix of meditation, lying in the sun, fussing around with a couple of my furry dog companions and a bit of exercise. After 45 mins I was able to get my head back into the space to do what I need to for the day, but there is no doubt I am left with a new appreciation for those who are experiencing Change Fatigue on a regular basis and who maybe don't have the luxury of managing their own day to the extent I had today or, even know how to manage their own inner dialogue. 

As the world is spinning ever faster and we are constantly being told or at least I seem to be constantly reading, about the importance of acting now on all sorts of fronts or lose our sanity, profile, health, wealth, relationships, opportunities or whatever .....!!, I can only think that it is becoming even more important to keep knowing ourselves better and have an effective, proven and preferred kit bag of go to tools to help manage our mindsets, get in touch with our hearts to connect with what's truly important and remain (or regain) balance in this crazy but still wonderful world. 

So, whilst I am illuminated by this new experience, please do reach out if needed, (to myself or others) sooner rather than later, as we all need help no matter how long we have been in business, how old we are. how much we know or have been trained or how accomplished we might feel. We are after all, human, and everybody needs somebody, sometime - sounds like a good title for a song (;-) and my wish is that you do have a great 2020 and develop a useful Mindset, whatever that might look like. X