Do you Want Change or Transformation?

July 27, 2020

I've been thinking, yes dwelling in my head again like many others of us that are in this habit... about the differences between Change and Transformation.

Years ago, someone commented to me and 150 others in a group forum, that "Change is temporary, Transformation however is permanent". I thought about that and it made sense.

 Change Management in a business context has been a buzz word for many years now and many of us purport to be experts at this process, but it doesn’t matter how hard and for how long we work, things often bounce back more or less where they were before – for many reasons.

 If we really want the Changes we aim for to stick, perhaps we need to aim for Transformation Management as well, if not instead. One definition for each in the Webster dictionary reads  Change: to undergo a modification of…. vs Transform: to make radically different, at a cellular level ….  

 If we have a need to Transform, this means to me the reason for taking action is more important, urgent or somehow more linked to our future more desirable state, a survival mechanism in fact. The image above very closely pictures the differences that apply - in my humble opinion (copied from Google images with thanks, no other acknowledgement I could find).

 There are times when making changes is probably enough, however there are other times where we probably need more of a Transformation which I feel needs a somewhat different approach, ie: a process that uncovers a deeper reason and future based direction, one that is more deeply connected to our passions, purpose and a longer-term view, one that pulls us forward.

 What do you think about that, does it make sense or am I splitting hairs? Thanks for reading and here’s to Transformation.

Regards, Jo Hanlon, Mind Your Ps, mb 0403 497 120


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