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Let's work together to fix the problems you’re facing.

When you're worried about your mindset, energy or expertise, when conflict or poorly performing staff mean you need to act, or when you have a problem in your business, do you have someone to turn too? 

You may be looking for clarity, direction or simply someone to listen. You may need to get your team all working together effectively and aiming for the same goals. You may need to know what you can and can't do to manage risk, and minimise disruption to the business. There’s a lot to deal with, and a lot at stake.

You don’t need to navigate these troubled waters or potential minefield alone.

I’m here to listen and understand your situation, then clearly lay out the options that are available to you.

With guidance and support you can rely on, you’ll have both the clarity and confidence you need to take the right actions for you, your people and your business.

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Case Study - It's about you

If it's about You

One of my favorite sayings is "we are never born fully formed, full of wisdom and know everything we need to".

As you grow, you develop an awareness of your strengths, vulnerabilities, values and working style preferences; and its great to feel you are on track to achieving your goals (or at least be working towards  clarifying them), but that doesn't always go smoothly.

Investing in having experienced, wise and committed people to help you move along your life's journey, add real value, and may be the difference between you remaining; stuck or moving; confused or clear; surviving or thriving; or simply keeping yourself on track!  Does this sound of interest?

If you would like to know more about my 1:1 coaching programme, pick up the phone, text, message or email me.

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If it's about Your People

People can be the biggest asset or the biggest risk any business is likely to have and their performance  good or bad, results in predictable consequences. When they work in teams their impact is magnified, so isn't it worth spending time and money on having a team that works well?

What makes a high performing team? They're vulnerable, they trust each other, they engage in productive conflict, ensure peer to peer accountability and have a focus on collective results.

Having an independent and objective coach may be just what's needed to help your people work cohesively and focus on a common vision, purpose and set of goals.

If you're curious how this might work, pick up the phone, text, message or email me and tell me about your people challenges.

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If it's about Your Business

Businesses are usually started by a passionate entrepreneur with a dream and often clear purposeful goals.

Problems arise when they get so involved working IN the business, they have little time to spend working ON the business. Once this happens, things can get a little messy and confused. Research has shown when certain milestones or hurdles arise such as: revenue or profit changes; a succession or exit plan is needed; a product life-cycle ends; new competition arises, technology advances change your Industry or a natural disaster or pandemic arrives, it's important to have spent time pre-planning to help mitigate the looming risk.

Being able to call on subject matter experts or advisors that provide objective insights or options for the short, medium or longer term can help you avoid stress, overwhelm and sleepless nights.

So if you're considering an Advisory Board or would benefit from a sounding board or are simply curious about what this might include ....

Pick up the phone, text, message or email me to discuss what's in the future for your business.

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I had the opportunity to work with Jo and Mind Your P’s for several years as we were rebuilding our management structure and culture. Jo brought a wonderful energy to our business and has a wealth of strategies in bringing management ownership and more importantly empowerment to our staff. Through Jo’s help we were able to bring about great change and improvements. Personally the support Jo provided myself as a senior leader was really encouraging and helped me to be bold and creative for our future. I highly recommend Jo & Mind Your P’s for strategic business transformation and mentoring support for senior management.

- Jason McLeod, Manager Reactive Maintenance

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